At Nellis Architecture, we are both the dreamer and the maker. We envision innovative, sustainable spaces that resonate with your aspirations and transform those dreams into inspiring, tangible realities. Our purpose is to create environments that inspire, serve our communities, and stand the test of time.

Our Founder, Lee Nellis, integrates this guiding philosophy from the very first conversation through to the moment you walk into your newly created space. As a Dubai-based, global design firm with over 18 years of expertise, we're eager to embark on your project journey and welcome you to the Nellis experience.

Vanguard of
innovative design

Crafting spaces that not only function flawlessly but also touch the human spirit

we do

  • Master Planning

    A large-scale journey that turns ideas into a blueprint for reality. We bring the puzzle pieces of land use, infrastructure, environment, sustainability and long-term growth together to create spaces that work for your project and the wider community.

  • Interior Design

    Optimising functionality, aesthetics and comfort of every interior. We find the perfect combination of furnishings, fixtures and finishes to create a space that will interact with people. Our interiors are practical, comfortable and emotionally-enriching.

  • Architectural Design

    A blend of art, experience and technology to create spaces for people. From residential and commercial buildings to cultural institutions and urban planning, our detailed drawings, plans and specifications guide the construction and realisation of your project.

  • Landscape Design

    The art & science of harmonizing with our surroundings. We focus on site analysis, plant selection, hardscape elements, environmental considerations, aesthetics, and user experience to create your harmonious and visually appealing outdoor space.

We are not just architects; we are makers of meaningful spaces

Our Values

  • Integrity

    This is at our core. We prioritise and hold a strong commitment to honesty, transparency and respect at every stage of the design journey.

  • Innovation

    We promote a dynamic, curious, forward-thinking worldview. We’re continuously exploring new technologies to see how they can enhance our realm of expertise.

  • Sustainability

    Longevity is our goal. We’re focused on building what lasts — using sustainable materials and paying attention to the ever changing climate with everything we design.

  • Creativity

    We celebrate imagination and original thinking. Expression and individuality are front & centre of our design ethos.